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“…new people who never believed they even possessed the gift of self expression become creative and this in turn activates other energies within the individual. I believe the creative process is the most energizing. And that is why it is so intimately related to the process of revolution within the society”

Wole Soyinka, 1975, in “In Person– Achebe, Awoonor, and Soyinka at the University of Washington.

My weapon is literature”

Chinua Achebe.

Few days ago, after watching the classic movie, Dead Poet’s Societystarring the late Robin Williams as John Keating, I came to a conclusion that Literature, and arts in general, has an overwhelming significance in the society and that every channel possible should be used to shape the society through its beauty, love and enduring allure, for the mere reason that, in Keating’s words, “…these are what we stay alive for.”

I chose to enter with…

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