you’re light, chibuike


truly, chibuike,
not all nights have a heart to bring the stars
from hiding beneath the sky
when at sunset, peace is not a dove returning
to rest in the nest we built for it in the heart

you know, sometimes, the stars
fear the night too much and become distant
for some nights are ruthless,
too blind to find their ways in darkness;
they neither send rain to wash tears
of departure, phrases and clauses of pain,
and verses of nocturnal poetry
replete with lines endless with tears,
nor touch the heart with tenderness like you did
many years before you said goodbye

some nights wet the thoughts of departure
and blankets of memories in the mind, and
coming as disguised lights in dreams,
they make morning come with a sun that rises without a single smile of hope


but you’re light, chibuike!
you knew that dreams meant for a lover
are not caskets beneath graves of silence;
not memories of beaten weathers,
not symphonies and sonatas of loneliness,
played with dissected sections of your pictures

so you sent dreams to me, daily,
looking like kites stretching farther
into the firmaments to make living blissful;
you sent dreams like bouquets of beauty with roses nearest to the purest rivers, giving scents
and soliloquies of sweetness to the soul

you are always light, and never night- and now,
i want to capture these dreams and pour them
on your grave like buckets of bundled feelings
for in place of the sun, you cage the night
forever with your brightness
digging sparkles of light long buried,
and sent them as statues and tapestries
of your presence and love to me

(C) 2015, innocence silas


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